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Het Cooremetershuys,

not your average accessory store

At the historic Graslei at number 12, behind a medieval stepped gable, you will find "Het Cooremetershuys".


The name, which translates to “House of the Grain Measurers”, refers to the original function of the building where officials had to measure the amount of grain that was unloaded at the port of Ghent.


Inside, the beautiful stone columns and the two Romanesque fireplaces bear witness to the history of yesteryear. In doing so, they give this surprising accessory store its unique flair, as the stylish space proves to be a perfectly cast location for this contemporary boutique.

It is an absolute delight to browse through the exceptional collection of jewelry, the unique range of handbags and backpacks, elegant hats and gloves, often by Belgian designers. In the adjoining room with its beautiful stone floor you will find an extensive range of black pottery and other stylish interior item


Central is the solid wooden counter, a feast for the eyes, surrounded by a wide collection of greeting cards. Here you will receive a final tip from the lady of the house as she lovingly packs your purchased goods.

A must visit when in Ghent.

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