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about Lien,

the lady from the Huys


Lien at her favourite spot in the store.

You could say that Lien Van Wemmel was taught the joys of interior design and beautiful merchandise from a tender age.


For years, her parents ran large furniture and interior shops in the Flemish towns of Ronse and Deinze, where she spent a lot of time as a child. Twenty years ago her mother took over the operation of 'Het Cooremetershuys' in Ghent.


Even then you would find Lien, an interior design major at KASK, regularly at the side of her mother in the store. Afterwards, she became skilled in designing tailor-made clothing and ran her own sewing workshop for several years. When she wasn’t designing clothing or tailoring, you could find her in the kitchens of some Ghent restaurants (Jour de Fête, Aperto Chiuso) or managing large catering jobs as she indulged her customers with the fruits of her other passion, cooking.


But in the end, you can say the heart wants what it wants: the shop has been in her capable hands for several years. Each year she frequents many interior design fairs in Belgium and abroad in search of beautiful things, fine textiles and work by young designers to continuously renew the range of products that make the store so unique.

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