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Michael Michaud

Botanical jewellery with an eye for detail in bronze, glass, pearls and semi-precious stones.


Hiroko Miyamoto

Handmade jewellery and accessories according to the age-old Kumboo technique. This printing technique is used to bond gold to silver.

Lorina Balteanu.jpg

Lorina Balteanu

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings ... the jewellery appeals to the imagination. Reminiscent of princesses, Mediterranean exuberance and misty English gardens.

Ana Hagopian.jpg

Ana Hagopian

Ana plays with paper, cutting and pasting to create volumes and shapes. My source of inspiration is nature and his endless creations, his limitless colors, his surprising textures.


Muja Juma

Julia Cabral travels the world in search of semiprecious stones of the best quality. Her jewellery is expressive, playful and elegant and inspired by her love for colors, travel and the bounty of nature.


Deco Echo

Deco echo is a collective of different Polish designers. Every designer has his own vision about making jewellery, which leads to a great diversity. We work with well-known Polish designers as well as young talents with good new ideas.

Guanabana Handmade1.jpg


Special accessories designed in Madrid and handcrafted by artists around the world. We believe in high quality, handmade and innovative design.

Nicole Dehalleux.jpg

Nicole Dehalleux

Nicole Dehalleux has been making jewellery since 1983, still with just as much pleasure. For her it is a dialogue between the soul and the hands, with materials and colors.

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